At Racham, we seek to awaken the identity and vocation of each child.

We promote collaboration  with the family and the community. We celebrate the discovery of the purpose of life and we seek to ensure their rights as citizens.

Racham is a Hebrew verb that means compassion that leads us to action for the benefit of the others.

Racham - Operational Community Center for Assistance and Comprehensive Child Development

Racham is a Hebrew verb that means compassion that leads us to action for the benefit of others.

Our mission is to provide a safe environment of inspiration, support and development for children, their families and the community. We seek to see restored and transformed children who inspire hope and impact society in a positive way.

We operate under the umbrella of Youth with a Mission Mazatlán


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"Vicenta Said the Pain Was Gone"

It was an afternoon of evangelism on the hill, where Sofi and 6 year old Romi decided to join the visit at Vicenta's house. She is an elderly lady with some health problems that we love to visit to encourage her. That day the girls listened as Vicenta shared that she had pain in her hand and could not move it and immediately wanted to pray for her! They both excitedly prayed many times until after a while Vicenta said the pain was gone as she moved her hand! Glory to God!

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"We Celebrate People from the Community"

A few weeks ago we started dance class with the girls! A mom from the community offered to teach them and now 8 of them come to Racham and enjoy it together! We celebrate people from the community getting involved and finding their place of service within Racham, sharing in gratitude for all they receive from God and using their talents for it!

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"We Have Officially Started the First Men's Group"

We have officially started the first men's group on Monday afternoons and a parenting workshop for mothers on Fridays! We are excited to see the response in the families and their expectations and initiative to share with us! Pray that these will be times where God will teach them and minister to their hearts bringing family restoration.

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"Her Daughter Comes to Pray for Her and It Has Touched Her Heart

She is a sofi and loves to pray for people, we have seen how she has grown in prayer and how it blesses others so much! Her mom has told us how every time she comes home from work, tired, her daughter comes to pray for her and it has touched her heart.

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"God is Using this Space to Impart Wisdom and Advice"

We started a mom's workshop to talk about parenting topics! We saw a very nice response from the community as many moms came and opened their hearts and shared. We see how God is using this space to impart wisdom and advice! We are thankful that moms who are not as open to the gospel can come and hear the biblical perspective for families!

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