Connect and Love the Community

Medical Brigade

In the beginning of April, we had a medical brigade come to the community and provide check-ups for the children and families of Racham. The vision for the medical brigades is that all can have access to basic medical care. The families and children had the opportunity to learn basic hygenic care and treat basic needs.

During this medical brigade, we had 10 adults and 18 children come and receive check-ups. They also received care packages for hygiene, vitamins to support their immune health, and medication.

The heart is to help the community to learn how to care for themselves and show them the love of Jesus behind coming and caring for them through medical needs.

Vacation Bible School

A week to dive in deeper with the children, teaching them more about Jesus, and giving them an opportunity to be active and creative in a safe environment.

Last Week we had a Vacation Bible School week with the theme of Space and the theme phrase was Brilla La Luz de Jesus (Shine Jesus’ Light). Since Space is known for being vastly dark, then it helped illustrate to the children that Jesus’ light shines so much brighter in contrast to the darkness that is around.

The themed Vacation Bible School was brought to Racham through a lady part of the YWAM Mazatlan staff, and we all came together to decorate and give the children an amazing experience visually, while learning about Jesus.

We had different stations with lessons and activities within them where the children were able to explore, learn, and create things. One station was specifically focused on things that sparked the children’s creativity in crafts, creatings tools that are used to explore things in Space. Many children came out of the station enjoying the things they learned to create and were able to bring them home to show their parents or guardians.

The children were impacted and really taking in the phrase of the week. It was amazing to hear them shouting Brilla La Luz de Jesus! with excitement, and when asked about what they learned they gave explanations about what Jesus does in our lives. They also learned how they can apply what Jesus demonstrates and teaches to their family, friends, and community through simple but great ways. They can show how Jesus’ light shines through their actions of high-fives, hugs, and or sharing. It really showed that the children are understanding what they’re taught and Jesus is making an impact in their lives.

One of the teachers was impacted a lot and made a statement of what teaching the children was like.

«I liked teaching the stories of the Bible, especially seeing the faces of the children that haven’t heard the stories before. Their eyes filled with amazement and surprise.»

Jesus’ light was noticed last week and He will continue to shine brighter and brighter.


Brilla La Luz de Jesus
Pizza Challenge Event

On September 30, we had a lot of fun with the children of Cerro del 8, plus we invited many more friends from a feeding center ministry and Loma Bonita to join us for the «Pizza Challenge». We received the invitation to do this event through an Australian friend named David Karamanis. He has done this event in different parts of Latin America, and this was the first time he did it in Mexico. We made the contact through a girl from Ecuador, a friend of Denise, staff of the ministry. She was serving together with Denise in a children’s home in Argentina; knowing the heart of the ministry here in Mexico, she contacted both of us for this purpose.

The purpose behind the event was to show the love of Jesus to the children and give them a safe place to enjoy the day and have fun! Which, we all had a great time. We had many activities prepared, such as different kinds of sports, we played soccer and volleyball, we had an art station, photo opportunities and face painting.

At the end of the day, we all gathered to celebrate with songs and dances and listen to a Gospel message. The children learned that Jesus came to this earth as Lord and Savior for each and every one of us, because we were lost and needed to be rescued.

God is doing so many amazing things all the time! Building connections throughout the world and throughout Mazatlan. Children’s lives are being impacted in beautiful ways that are and will be seen by their families as well as communities. As Racham, we are glad to be able to partner with God to make a difference in their lives through showing the purest love that comes from Jesus.