At Racham, we seek to awaken the identity and vocation of each child.

We promote collaboration  with the family and the community. We celebrate the discovery of the purpose of life and we seek to ensure their rights as citizens.

Racham - Operational Community Center for Assistance and Comprehensive Child Development

Racham is a Hebrew verb that means compassion that leads us to action for the benefit of others.

Our mission is to provide a safe environment of inspiration, support and development for children, their families and the community. We seek to see restored and transformed children who inspire hope and impact society in a positive way.

We operate under the umbrella of Youth with a Mission Mazatlán


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Restored Parenting Methods

Spiritual Growth

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Legal Protection for Children

Soccer Training

Ricardo is now a part of leading one of Racham’s activities during the week. He teaches the younger boys of the community about the sport he enjoys playing himself. He’s instilling discipline and building strong, healthy relationships with the boys that live in the area he grew up in.