Testimonials - Lives Impacted

Hello my name is Perla, I am 15 years old and I lived with my mother until she passed away. She passed away when I was 9 years old, and then I went to live with my sister. While I was living with my sister, I was studying but something happened, my brother-in-law tried to abuse me. I told my sister, but she didn’t believe me and she told me to go live with my dad. I went to live with my dad, but he didn’t have any money for me to continue studying.

I wanted to continue to go to school and study, so I decided to leave my father’s house and went to ask DIF, The Department of Child Protective services in Mexico, for help. They were able to help me, and sent me to an all girls home. While I was in the all girls home, I was mistreated and mentioned it to the managers of the home, although they ignored me. So, I ran away from the all girls home. During that time, Omega was helping me and DIF called her and told her that I had run away.

A little time afterwards, I went back to DIF to ask for help again because I wanted to continue to study and have a safe environment, and they were able to help me. They found a foster family for me, and I spent 4 months with them while DIF was finding a home for me.

Later, I received the news that there was a spot for me in a home in Monterrey, and I thank God I am living at this home now. I am attending school and would like to become an architect. I know that everything is possible in this life, but it is up to me if I want to accept the opportunities given to me. 

Thanks to all the people who supported me, I can do everything in Christ who strengthens me Philippians 4:13.

Serving With God

My name is Carolina Martinez, I’m 19 years old, and I’m from Mazatlan, Sinaloa. I lived a part of my childhood and adolescence in one of the most dangerous places in Mazatlan, known as Cerro del Ocho.

A part of my life I grew up with my parents and my younger brother Leo. My parents relationship was very dysfunctional, and they both suffered from drug addictions. For much of the time, my dad was absent and my mom was very focused in her things, and for those reasons I had to be responsible for caring for my younger brother, taking care of his needs and taking him to school. From a very young age, I became very independent. 

At 11 years old, I began to know some missionaries from Youth With A Mission here in Mazatlan. They visited the place where I lived, and God gave them the favor so they could enter and bring the Good News, the great message of salvation. They began sharing teachings and messages of hope to everyone that was willing to receive it. My mom didn’t participate in anything that they were doing because she wasn’t really interested, but for some reason or another I began to be interested and became more involved every time they would come. They were very consistent, visiting every week where we lived, continuously watering the seeds God had planted. I have it vividly present in my mind, a memory of when the missionaries of YWAM said their farewells and were leaving, that I truly wanted to be like them. I wanted to do everything they were doing. Without realizing it, a love of serving was growing inside of me, a passion and desire to serve God like the missionaries were doing.

A time after, I began to attend a church service with them and my neighbors, but to be sincere my intentions weren’t to know God, I only wanted to be out of the house, although God is so incredible that in the end I began to know who He was. 

As time went on, I became older and realized the reality of the place where I lived, everything remained the same, I believed I wasn’t worthy of anything, and that the life I was living was the life I was meant to live. I didn’t have any hope, my family was becoming more and more corrupt because my parents continued to be heavily involved in drugs and I felt desperate when I didn’t see a change. My heart began to harden, and this included me becoming angry with God because I believed He was to blame for everything happening in my life and with my family.

I started to find refuge in my friends, and began to have a life without limits or purpose, attending parties and excessively drinking alcohol. In reality, all I wanted was to be accepted and loved, but I was searching for it in the wrong direction. At the time, I thought it was the only thing I had and the only way to forget my problems.

But God was always there caring for me, showing His love and His grace. The Lord has always been working in my life in the way I’ve needed it, unfortunately my unbelief and pride didn’t permit me to see it with clarity.

I can assure you that in the midst of all the darkness I was embracing and clinging to, the Lord showed himself to be a God of grace and forgiveness, a God of new beginnings and opportunities, he began to transform my family, the desire I had asked God for was being fulfilled.

My mother was touched and redeemed by the Holy Spirit, she decided to ask for help and enter a place of restoration for some time, my brothers and I entered a home for a year and a half, while she was restored. My dad also came to know the gospel some time later. 

During that time, God revealed himself in a unique way in my life, and I had a personal encounter with Him. I was able to know God’s heart for His children. I understood that His plans are much better than mine, and He fulfills the desires of my heart when I choose to walk in His truth.

Currently, I’m in DTS, Discipleship Training School, in YWAM Zapopan. Now, I can remember all the young missionaries, who at the time were in DTS, and the longing I had as a girl to serve and bless the lives of others is now being accomplished. God in His infinite grace gave me the opportunity to serve in His kingdom, to know more about His heart, His character, and to have a deep relationship with Him. I’m a daughter of God with a heart filled with gratitude, and I’m glad to be a part of the Great Commission. My desire is to continue giving in grace from what I have received in grace. My life belongs to God, and now my dreams are His.